Bridal Makeup – Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Pay Attention to
Bridal Makeup – Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Pay Attention to

According to Marie Claire magazine, the wedding dress and bridal makeup are crucial for the beauty of the bride on her wedding day. You can not disregard the bridal makeup. You should search for appropriate bridal makeup artists and have a bridal makeup tests before the wedding. Beauty On Location gives the do’s and don’ts that should be considered when you need bridal makeup.


  1. Make sure you have your trial at least three weeks, but no more than 5 weeks, before your wedding. If you plan on using fake tan for the big day, have a test run before your make-up trial so that your artist can see what colour your skin becomes with the tan.
  2. Wear a white t-shirt if you’re having your make-up test in a store so that you can see how the make-up looks against a pale colour and take a picture of yourself in day light (with no flash) to see how it looks before you purchase anything.
  3. Emphasize your eyes by brightening any darkness under them with corrector and concealer.
  4. Bring references to your make-up trial. Start looking for images of make-up that you really like and bring them with you on the day. Try to identify what it is you like about the make-up in the image and take into account that if you have the skin colour of Dita Von Teese then the make-up of Kim Kardashian won’t necessarily translate onto you.

Remember that bridal make-up needs to have enough colour to compensate for the whiteness of the dress. There’s a big difference between everyday clothes and a wedding dress, so there should be difference in your make-up, too. Start by making sure your skin looks even and smooth, and then add colour to your cheeks and lips to give them a glow.


  1.  Have your make-up test done anywhere with overhead fluorescent lighting. If you have a professional make-up artist coming to your home, arrange a time when it’s still daylight outside.
  2. Let a make-up artist hijack your look. For a lot of people, their wedding is a time when they can really take pleasure in having someone else do their make-up, but I think there can be a temptation to just indulge in the experience and take on all sorts of suggestions from the make-up artist – someone who may not know you or how you like to look particularly well. I’d advise real caution here; you don’t want to surprise your intended at the altar by turning up looking like someone else. Whether you’re hiring a make-up artist or doing your own, I generally think that the best bridal make-up is simply the most exquisitely polished version of how the bride usually looks – after all, you want to look beautiful rather than your make-up.
  3. Trowel it on. It’s a total myth that your make-up has to be plastered on for the photographs. Lots of wedding photography is done in natural light, and if you choose a heavy base the make-up will look obvious. In terms of flash, you just need to ensure that your T Zone is matte and that can be achieved with fine translucent powders and blotting powders, not layers of make-up.
  4. Go too dark on the eyes. Define your eyes by applying colour in the crease, but avoid using a shade that’s too dense, as it can detract from the eyes themselves.
  5. Rush. Allow at least 45 minutes to an hour for make-up application on the wedding day.

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