Automatic writing
Automatic writing is a means of communicating with the departed or spirit guides.

Automatic writing  meet up in Mumbai is for all those who feel that there is the hope and a way of communicating with their departed through automatic writing.

Automatic writing is a form of spirit communication,chanelling or seance done in Mumbai by psychic mediums. Psychic mediums may help to communicate with the dead or spirits or departed souls, in our worldly terms though it is believed that the spiritual world is more alive and active as ours. Connecting with the dead or departed loved one's can be for various reasons either to get a closure or seek guidance and support to deal with life. Automatic writing and seance's are most commonly done in Mumbai now a days. This process also helps us to heal spiritually after spiritual guidance and support from our angels or communicate with your departed loved one's leading to spiritual growth and spiritual awareness. It also helps you in restoring the long awaited balance in our live's. 


It is important to not that automatic writing does not offer any quick fixes or promises of taking your troubles away from you, each one of us has to go through our karmic debts wether we like it or not.

Automatic writing is just a way of helping individuals progress in life spirtually, which also guides the individual to go throug his.her problem through guidance. There will be pitfalls in life, spiritual guidance and support just help to cushion the fall.

In this group, it is important to note, that this is my belief that I am able to communicate with my parents and I have no right to impose this belief on anyone or the authority to do so. Neither am I an authority on this subject. My belief and my faith just keeps me going and that is what is important to me.

For further details or a session of communicating with departed loved ones or to learn automatic writing you can or call 08767542324 in Mumbai.

Why Do People Seek a Psychic Medium and their Seances?

There are lots of different explanations why people seek psychic mediums and their seances. Some of the most typical reasons include needing closure for the relative's of a family member who has passed away, and the only way to do so is to communicate with them.

There are many things that we can learn from psychic mediums and their seances done with the help of automatic writing. In a nutshell, seeking advice from a psychic medium can enlighten you.

Some other reason's :-

1. First and foremost to get closure

2. Those who are lonely

3. Those who think spiritual messages will help them move on with their lives

4. Some people believe in black magic and feel someone has done something to them, which is not the reason one should connect to a psychic medium.

5. Some just inquisitive


Skeptics vs Psychics :- Some skeptic's believe that psychic mediumship or automatic writing is just a process of the concious or subconcius mind, some say it's related to the motor function of the hand while some consider it completely fraudlent. This is their point of view which no one has a right to disown but similarly a psychic meium or some have the faith in such communication not just a psychic medium but most of us have faith in an afterlife that is the reason pooja's or offering's are done after someone passes away for the soul of the departed to rest in peaceorhelp him or her with their onward journey. Today we worship all kind's of religious places perform pooja's archana's t please the God's and deities though most of us have never seen them and this has been going on since thousand's of year's. Its a matter of faith, today one could pick up a stone from the road and worship it for days, even that stone after a few days will give the individual pocessing it a kind of emotional comfort and support. Its all on faith if we have faith in what we are doing it's fine that is our choice similarly some may not have faith and they may consider it fraudlent let that be their choice.

My life belief's :- When I started autowriting or learnt auto writing I started it to communicate with my mother, before doing or learning this process I went to many psychics to communicate with her and learn auto writing. I also read various books on auto writing and also articles which suggested that it is just one's concious mind or hand motor abilities or something fraudlent. But still I chose to do it and learn it because I wanted a closure and felt I would be able to communicate with my mother so I made the choice and I went for it, no matter what science or skeptic's had to say my choice and my faith was mine and mine only. But what I did, gave me the comfort and the much needed closure that I needed, let it be real or psycological or fruaudlent, it did not matter because I was happy with what I was doing. I had faith and for those who have faith it's all that matter's. My faith and my closure has no place for scientific explanations, let that be real or psycological, I am happy with the closure I got which I always yearned for. It is always this belief and faith that has brought me so far in life that was my choice which made me happy, scientific explanations, concious, subconcious, motor driven hand , medical disorder or whatever had little or no meaning in my life as my faith helped me believe I was communicating with people whom I loved and that is what matters to me and I am not alone there are mllion's of other's who share the same faith and belief's in their lives and written book's on this subject. There is no scientific evidence related to this subject, but for me that does not matter my faith and belief enable me to believe I communicate with my parent's and so do many others and that belief is mine and the faith is mine and mine alone. Only those who have faith in this form of communication should actually do auto writing but ensuring that they read everything about this form of writing and also realizing this form of writing is not scientifically proven anywhere. People practising this form of communication have also been given various names and adjectives orthodox, superstitious, frauds, cheats, mentally disturbed whatever, as ong as I felt and feel I can communicate with my parent's I dont think I need a character certificate from such people.

 Basic course offered

1) Learn automatic writing or the art of chanelling or mediumshipto communicate with departed or spirit guide's. (One day complete session course after which six months of follow up every two weeks to progress). Starting from 8th February 2014. Automatic writing is an art of opening your concious mind to spiritual message's. This is an art that one need's to practice over a period of time, to actually get words,lines and then actual sentences on paper. One requires patience to learn automatic writing. It is not something that is learnt in a day or two.

2) Basic training in raising positive thoughts through psychic meditation and opening of our conciousness.

This will be a one day training course about how to rise above negativity and help us improve our thought process and feel good about ourselves and helping us forget our past hurts and trauma's over a period of time.

This course will be done with the help of psychic meditation and visualization techniques and self hypnosis.

Mediums vs. Psychics: Is there a Difference?

Tarot cards, Ouija boards and astrological charts -- sometimes it's hard to remember if these are instruments of psychics, mediums or both. The overwhelming presence of both types of seers in today's culture can leave a person wondering how each group functions in the paranormal world, and many make the mistake of thinking that both have the same supernatural skill set. The truth is, while both groups claim to have a sixth sense, they are two very different entities.

So how is a psychic different from a medium? Psychics are people who say they have multiple supernatural talents, such as the ability to peer into a crystal ball to see the future or discern your fate with a deck of tarot cards. Through precognitive powers, psychics claim to be clairvoyants -- people who see the past, present and future. They typically answer questions and offer advice to clients about stuff like health, money and love. Some psychics even assert they'retelekinetic -- able to move objects with their minds -- and others maintain they can set people or objects on fire using only their thoughts.

Mediums are different from psychics in that their claim to fame is communicating with the deceased, or spanning the physical and spiritual worlds. Famous mediums, like John Edward and Allison DuBois, appear on television shows and write bestselling books about their abilities to communicate with the dead, and these types of seers are generally seen in a positive light by the public. Some critics argue that mediums are more popular than psychics due to mediums' tendency to possess a higher level of perceived credibility. This may be because mediums generally receive more favorable attention in the press.

The tools of the trade are different, too. For example, psychics often work with a variety of stereotypical items like tarot cards, palms or astrological charts and have no standard set of practices. Mediums, on the other hand, usually convey descriptions of information or images provided by spirits that have significant personal and often private meanings to their client

Most religions have faith that an afterlife exists, so the idea that a medium can communicate with a deceased person's spirit might be more believable than a psychic predicting the future based on a palm reading. Even if mediums are more respected than psychics, both professions are equally lucrative. But how does their prevalence in our culture influence people in society today?

Different forms of Mediumship :-

Clairvoyance in Mumbai

In the case of clairvoyance the medium or channeler receives images as the means of communication. These may be images in the mind's eye of the medium or less frequently the medium may actually see a spirit person or object as if they are actually viewing them with their physical eye. In the latter case it is possible that the spirit is connecting with the visual mechanism within the medium's brain rather than the source of the image being in the actual external environment. The final images that we see of people and objects in the everyday world, after all, are a construction of the brain. But the spirit person will appear to the medium as if they are in the external environment. However, this explanation is speculative. No one is likely to be able to come to a definitive answer to this in the near future. For whatever reasons, spirit communications about the precise details of the mechanisms of mediumship can at times be vague or conflicting.

Through clairvoyance the spiritual medium or channeler may see a spirit person, object, scene or symbol. If they see a person conveying the information it is a little more straight forward though they may still experience the usual difficulties of describing a person who isn't present to someone else. The process can be complicated by the fact that the spirit seeking contact may not be that familiar to the person who they are wishing to communicate with. For instance a young person coming for a sitting may only be vaguely aware of the details of the family relative who is now trying to contact then from theSpirit World, and may not have any clear memory of how they appeared when living on the physical plane. You may wonder why the spirit bothers to try in such a situation. In my experience if an oportunity is on offer and it is important enough for the spirit person to attempt communication, they will try. It may be that it is not specifically the young person with whom they want to communicate. They hope perhaps that the person will relay their experience to other family members.

In the case of other images the medium will of necessity be more actively involved in their interpretation. Preferably they can relay the image to the person who they think is the recipient of the communication and the person may be able to interpret the image for themselves. However, it is likely that the medium or channeler will become more involved at some point and this interpretation of the meaning of images can give rise to many difficulties. It is particularly so in the case of symbols. Some have a fairly commonly held meaning, but many can be interpreted in different ways influenced by the experiences and memories of each individual person. Our own spirit group tell us that spirits experiment with using symbols with mediums to see how they interpret them in order that they can then refine the process of communication. However, at times they may give a symbol aimed more at the recipient's manner of interpretation than the medium's. As with all forms of mediumship it is a transaction or interaction between at least three parties. The process od communication at times may have more the feel of a game of charades rather than a clear dialogue.

Images can also be used to facilitate the process. For example some mediums or channelers may see a light or words or some other sign above or to the side of the intended recipient to facilitate identification of the peson whom the message is intended for.

Clairaudience this helps in automatic writing

With clairaudience the spiritual medium or channeler hears voices or other sounds and this is the means of communication. As with clairvoyance the medium may hear the sounds either within their mind or as if with their physical ear. When sounds such as music and other noises occur there can again be issues around interpretation in a similar way to clairvoyance.

Clairsentience in Mumbai

A spiritual medium or channeler who works through clairsentience senses a spirit presence. This may occur in a variety of ways: a general sensing of a presence, sensing an emotion, changes in temperature, breezes, a feeling of cobwebs on the face, a smell, scent or fragrance. The vagueness of some of these impressions can make the process more difficult. However, sensing that a person's grandmother is present along with aa awareness of the favourite scent which she used to use can be very evidential. Our Spirit Mentor Jacob has playfully called this ability to notice smells of various kinds "olifactience".

Trance Mediumship / Communication in Mumbai

Trance mediumship / communication occurs where the spiritual medium is able to withdraw within and disengage to a point from conscious control of their mind thus allowing it to function under the influence of a spirit communicator. You will find that some authors try to make distinctions between, overshadowing, light trance, or deep trance, or some such similar terms in an effort to distinguish between different levels of trance control. While the level of trance control does vary such terms and distinctions are only useful up to a point and can convey a mistaken impression that we can distinguish between these levels of trance in some definitive way and that there is an inherent difference in the quality of the communication.

However, it is generally accepted that when a spiritual or psychic medium is in deep trance they will not be consciously aware of the content of the communication while they have been in trance. The level of trance can however vary even for a deep trance medium during any one trance session. While it is to be hoped that there will be less interference from the medium's mind in deep trance there is also no reason to suppose that there is any more guarantee of the accuracy of the communication in the case of a deep trance medium. Whatever the level of trance the spirit communicators have to work through the medium's mental processes, conscious and unconscious. Our own principal Spirit Guide Hai has said that the best guarantee of accuracy and a free flow of communication is for the medium to put aside their own ego and pre-conceptions and to be non-attached in relation to the content of the communications.

The process involved in trance mediumship essentially involves a blending of energies; those of the medium with those of the spirit communicator. The blending may vary in degree and intensity. The spirit communicator does not necessarilly enter the physical space of the medium's body but can work through the medium's aura. However close the spirit approaches it is misleading to use such terms as "direct control". Whatever happens is with the permission of the medium and such terms can lead to a mistaken impression of the medium being "taken over" in some way. From the point of view of the audience it is easy to see how they may feel that the medium, in a medium to deep trance, has "gone" and they are talking directly to another person with different mannerisms, gestures, gender, age, tone of voice, accent, etc and to an extent this feel of the situation is correct.

A small minority of witnesses of trance mediumship are sometimes a little nervous at first. This is often due to the mistaken perception of the medium being fully "taken over" by a spirit and the associated feelings of uncertainty as to what to expect, especially if the person is sitting in the near vicinity of the medium. Horror movies indulging in flights of fantasy have further fuelled superstitious beliefs and fears. The reality is that the experience soon has a very natural and normal feel and becomes a friendly conversation amongst friends. The spirit communicators are good humoured, loving, and have a sense of fun. They enjoy interacting with people. It is just like having a conversation with anyone else, though they are generally more loving, patient and tolerant than the average person.

What is important is for the participants to retain their objectivity and discernment. When listening to a spirit who is evidently an evolved being there is perhaps a potential danger of drifting into hanging on their every word or attempting to seek inappropriate guidance about personal life. Hai has always sressed the sanctity of human self-determination and neither he nor any of the other communicators has ever tried to tell people what they should do. They have helped people think about issues and to try to achieve clearer self-understanding but then stressed that they must make the decision. They say that it is this ability to make our own choices and decisions in relation to the situations we face which is one of the key benefits of our life. Furthermore, as we have said before, Hai has always told us to test everything, including his own utterances, against the "ring of truth". He says that we have been given our reason and we have the responsibility to use it.

In the early stages of spirit communicators beginning to work with amedium in trance as the energies blend it can be that the medium's body will shudder or go into contortions. Hai has sometimes compared this to the gears of a car not quite meshing. However, after a while the process of blending becomes smoother and these signs will recede. They possibly may recur occasionally, usually in milder form, if a new communicator works through the medium until such time as both become accustomed to this new blending.

Automatic Writing in Mumbai :- Is also another way of communicating with your higher self. It is believed that it is also used for communicating with higher entities as well as the departed and many books have been written about it by Dr Brian Weiss, Ruth Montgomerry, Ms Bhavnagri and Nan Umrigar. Automatic writing is a spirit communication through telepathy where the message from the spirit world are conveyed to your subconcious mind and the hand automatically starts writing down those messages without the medium having no control over his or her hand.

After studying psychics and psychic mediums, I heard about a spirit communication technique called “Automatic Writing.” This is a process of shutting your conscious mind off to allow your unconscious mind to take over your writing, allowing your spirit-guides to write (communicate) through you. Some think of automatic writing as “channeled” writing where your body (in this case, your hands and fingers) is controlled by spirits. Others think of it more as a means of communication, not allowing spirit to control your body but allowing you to stop the noisy chatter of your conscious thoughts in order to hear what the spirits are saying, or possibly what your higher self has to tell you.

For those of us who will probably become psychic mediumsourselves, automatic writing is a tool we can use to communicate with spirits on our own. It is a tool that allows people to communicate with our deceased or departed loved-ones and spirit-guides.

I decided to give automatic writing a try to see what results I might have. I understood what psychic mediums do to raise their energy and connect with spirit, so I knew the basic process—basically it is meditation, clearing the mind and raising your energy.

You are energy. You are all energy. Energy. Remember yourself as energy and more will begin to make sense. When you remember a past life, when you connect with a person across the country or across the world telepathically, when strange unexplainable coincidences occur that you simply cannot make sense of, this is because you are energy; and until you see yourself as such, you will not be able to make sense of it all.

One also requires a  spirit link to do auto writing. Books such asLaws of the Sprtual World, Sounds of Silence, Listening to the Silence are examples of books related to Automatic writitng and mediumship.


Readings or spirit communication in Mumbai :-

A reading/chanelling or a seance is believed to be a three way communication between the berieved, the departed and the medium. The medium acts as a go between the departed and the berieved. Automatic writing, helps the souls journey further in the spiritual realms, when the soul realizes that he/she still is capable of guiding and supporting the people or family members he/she has left behind and furthermore it helps people like us left behind get answers to our problems in life related to spiritual growth and progress. Secondly it is important to note that a medium will help you provide a few facts' about our live's from the messages he/she may get whch would relate to our lives, the answers will always be subjective. Remember two thing's the  answer's one gets from these sessions are generally very subjective and of a spiritual nature which do relate to the person.

One should always contact someone claiming to be a psychic only and only after investigating information about automatic writing, articles for as well as articles against this form of writing. It has to be an informed choice and aslo knowing fully well auto writing does not provide any quick fixes in life.

As I mentioned above this is my belief and my faith that I feel I can connect to my parents,though this form of communication is considered as un-scientific or fraudlent I have still practised this for my self and in no way do I state I am a strong authority on this subject. It is my belief and faith in this form of communication that keeps me going. So when I say I can provide a reading or teach auto writing it s throuh what I know. 

Anyone interested in automatic writing session's or get linked to conduct automatic writing session's themselve's to connect with their departed loved one's for spiritual guidance/support and closure in Mumbai can email at or call on 08767542324 for a prior appointment.


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