22 Strand DNA Activation
A Gentle, Light Process that Will Help You! Truly!A Powerful, Pure Boost for You.


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This Activation is a piece of Energy Work (Work in which Spiritual Energy benefits your well-being). It is a once-and-done energetic process which activates that part of your DNA which is currently dormant! The process is called the 22-Strand DNA Activation.

To some of you, this type of Work may be unfamiliar territory. The bottom line is: if you want to be the best person God put you on this Earth to be, then you should check this Work out!

The DNA holds the blueprint for ALL that we are – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If more of the DNA can be brought into play, then that will bring each of us more toward where we want to go. The perspective of this Work is that on the order of 90 percent of our DNA is dormant. From the point of view that each of us is a Divine Being, AND given that each of us still has our share of unrealized potential, it makes sense that a huge portion of who we truly are is inactive!

Can this process, the 22-Strand DNA Activation, accomplish the activation of your dormant DNA? The proof is in the pudding; as Jesus said, by the fruits of thy labor shall you know. Thousands of people have undergone this Activation, and their report of resulting significant, beneficial shifts is unparalleled. This Work brings you home!

This Activation has been validated with over 3,000 years of History and Lineage. It was created by King Solomon, and kept safe and pure since then within the Mystery School. The Mystery School Tradition may also be unfamiliar to you. The Mystery School Tradition is as old as mankind, offering ancient wisdom and tools of great empowerment. The Tradition has been kept pure, with the lineage being handed down directly from Ritual Master to Ritual Master throughout these thousands of years. The 22-Strand DNA Activation has just been made available to the general public within the last 10 years.

Also important regarding the foundation of this Work, a main principle within the Mystery School Tradition is that each of us is our own best Teacher, and that this Work helps you REMEMBER the truth that you already hold within you (the Truth in your DNA).  Find out more at the website of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School www.rmmsint.com.

Of course, DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is within the nucleus of each cell of your body. Back to the percentage of our DNA that is dormant, traditional science acknowledges that only 10 (ten) percent of our DNA relates to genes and they view the remaining 90 (ninety) percent as primarily inactive. Being co-creators of ourselves, we surely did not include 90 % of the essence of who we are in the creation of ourselves for it to remain inactive! Activating this dormant DNA is a huge boost in moving toward the expression of our Divinity. Also, as Spiritual Beings, we will continue our journey even after our passing from this Earth plane; this Activation, working at the core of who we are, will serve to benefit you even after you leave this physical experience.

No matter in what area you seek improvement for your self, the 22-Strand DNA Activation can help you in large measure. Whether you are looking for physical well-being, or emotional healing, or mental clarity, or spiritual growth, this Activation should be included in your process. This Activation is pure empowerment, empowering you to be fully you (the you that you desire yourself to be!)

The benefits of the 22-Strand DNA Activation occur across many levels. They are very powerful and far-reaching; however, one’s experience within the period immediately following an Activation is generally that any shifts are subtle. The Activation works at a very deep level and sometimes people are not sensitive to energy shifts on this level. People who have had the Activation report increased clarity, greater intuition, deeper peace of mind, and more of a sense of self-fulfillment. Often, the awareness of these shifts occurs only weeks, or even months, after the Activation has taken place. The Activation, being once-and-done, keeps on giving throughout your life, continuing to bring you more and more toward your Divinity! This Work brings you home!

Those individuals who facilitate this Activation for you have been specially and carefully trained for this work through a valid Mystery School Tradition. They have received  physical Initiation and instruction from a Ritual Master who has himself been Initiated in an unbroken lineage of Ritual Masters since the time of King Solomon. Through the Initiatory process, the practitioners are authorized by the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of the Hierarchy of Light to facilitate this Activation. [The ‘Hierarchy of Light’ refers to all the Higher Beings assisting humans in their Evolution, including angels, Ascended Masters, archangels, and Elohim.]

The Activation is facilitated in a single one-on-one session with a Practitioner. The fee for an Activation is $111, with group rates and discounts (at EXPO’s for example) frequently available.
Aor any question you might have, please call me (Charlie Goedken) at (717) 558-8123 or e-mail at charlie@activateDNA.com.

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