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Maple Glen/Ambler, PA 19002

Dr. Carchedi began his career as a physician in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine.  He later added Sports Medicine by providing medical support for the professional cycling team of Lance Armstrong in the mid 1990s, Dr Carchedi decided that he wanted to give that type of specialized, tailored care to non-athletes.

Dr. Carchedi has over 20 years of clinical experience in the emergency room, and now he specializes in Executive Health and Functional Medicine.

Having practiced for the last ten years in this realm, he transitioned into Integrative Complementary medicine exclusively and has been concentrating on detoxification and nutrition. He tailors individualized programs for all of his patients, combining aspects of traditional and functional medicine to maximize their performance and health, given their demanding lifestyles.


"Patients today are well informed and I encourage them to ask me questions so that together we may find therapies that will optimize their health and well being."


A avid cyclist, who was on the medical staff for the professional cycling Tour of China and the Tour DuPont, Dr. Carchedi knows the importance of maintaining a balance between the multitude of stressors executives face and the healthy lifestyle necessary for optimal performance. Dr. Carchedi has lectured in the United States and Italy on the role nutrition plays in stress management and corporate decision making.  He is a consultant for Novartis Italy and C.E.O. of the Vita Nova Group, Inc. as well as the founder of the Blue Bell Wellness Institute.


Dr. Carchedi a board certified physician holds medical degrees both in the United States and Europe, and received his undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Carchedi addresses and treats issues with immunity, disease prevention, and energy problems such as fatigue, hormonal imbalance, women's health, cancer issues and weight management. These topics and many more are resolved at Blue Bell Wellness Institute.

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