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The Natural Lifestyle Network was created by a small, dedicated group of talented visionaries, programmers and designers. Our intent is to create a community-based, accessible platform to facilitate communication and interaction between natural lifestyle service providers and the consumers of these services. Our business profiles are designed to offer extensive, in-depth information to educate and inform consumers, empowering them in making knowledgeable and appropriate personal choices. We believe that this type of detailed resource directory fulfills a need not currently being met by print advertising, simple listings, etc. Our profiles are extensive and allow consumers to learn a great deal in advance about service providers they may be interested in contacting.  There are options available for both free business profiles and preferred (paid) business profiles, which offer more visibility and features.

By including an event calendar, newsletter and educational content, the Natural Lifestyle Network creates additional opportunities within the communities it serves for healing, personal growth and sustainable living, as well as connecting with like-minded individuals and groups. In accomplishing this, we intend to foster the further expansion and evolution of lifestyles based on health and wellness, sustainability, personal development, spirituality and social consciousness.

Our goal is to create a widely available website and resource directory where every natural lifestyle service provider can have a detailed and informative profile and presence within his or her community.  Our concurrent goal is to create high visibility for the website with the conscious consumers who are increasingly seeking these types of services and connections.  All business profiles are search-engine optimized using the Title, Description and Keywords (metatags) members provide. And where else can you find--all on one website--highly detailed profiles for healthy, sustainable, socially conscious lifestyles--all in one place.  NLN is truly a one stop shop!  We hope you'll join us and stay connected.

Although originally launched in March 2008 in the six Mid-Atlantic states, NLN has expanded rapidly to include most US states and has become truly national in scope. With the launch of a completely redesigned website in April 2010, we can now include international service providers as well.  We invite ALL natural lifestyle service providers and consumers to join our rapidly-growing community.  We're passionate about encouraging and supporting the growth of sustainable, holistic communities--both online and off.

About Cynthia Chatfield, founder of the Natural Lifestyle Network  


Cynthia has spent the last fifteen years working within the organizational, educational and promotional aspects of the fields of holistic health and wellness. As Vice President of Educational Services with The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine in Washington DC, she reviewed and wrote about dozens of international complementary, and alternative cancer clinics while interacting with many cancer patients regarding treatment choices. Cynthia has also helped create events in a variety of health-related topics.

Her background includes the creation of Mid-Atlantic Integrative Medicine, a 100 plus member alternative health practitioner network in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia and management positions in the arts and holistic learning arenas in the Philadelphia region. She has a long-standing passion for the fields of holistic health and wellness, spirituality and consciousness, and the environment and sustainability. Her academic background includes a master's degree in the management of non-profit organizations.

On a personal note - Cynthia built a passive solar house in the early 1980's, drives a hybrid car and hopes to someday build another energy-efficient house that's completely off the grid, preferably within a conscious community of like-minded people.  Her latest passion is exploring the tenets of permaculture.

She is the author of Cancer Report: The Latest Research in Psychoneuroimmunology (Mind / Body Medicine), published by Change Your World Press. The purpose of the book is to communicate the importance of addressing the mental and emotional factors that can underlie the development and ultimate healing of many illnesses, most especially cancer. Providing information and resources for cancer patients has been a commitment of Cynthia's for many years now. The chapters are currently available free of charge in e-book format at  www.healingcancer.info, where you can find additional biographical information.