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By: Mary O'Connor
Health care practitioners, yoga instructors, massage therapists etc: Pandora has a "Spa" radio...
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By: Sara Greenberg
Are we reinventing the wheel with all of this new-fangled technology? What great "old fashioned"...
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By: Cliff Kayser
The “Either/Or” and “Both/And” Thinking Distinction – Just Overcomplicating...
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By: Sara Greenberg
I have so enjoyed my cloth diapers. Once I came up with a system, they were easier to launder than I ever...
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By: Amanda Warton
Many Americans turn to doctor-prescribed "quick fixes" like pills for chronic health problems like...
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By: Robin Little feather Hannon
Explaining Reiki and how it works in a simple and understandable way
By: Melissa Kitto
We all have all four of these perceptions or gifts. Each is important and none greater or lesser than the other.
By: Melissa Kitto
Automatic writing (the ability to receive messages from your angels through written messages) is a skill that anyone can
By: Maryanne Smith
Acupuncture treatment tonifies the Spleen Qi to strengthen it, as well as opening & draining the sinus cavities, plus bo
By: Melissa Kitto
Pay attention to your premonitions and déjà vu's! They are guiding you in the right direction.
By: michael porter
The purpose of hardship on the spiritual path
By: Terra Pfund
Natural Sources of Folate
By: Cynthia Chatfield
An Interview with Randy Horwitz, MD, PhD, Medical Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of A
By: Cynthia Chatfield
University of MD School of Medicine study shows that emotions aroused by joyful music improve heart health.
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